• What is ARTGASM?

    ARTGASM is a new, avant garde art experience produced by Lioness, a women's sexual health company.


    Founded by artists and technologists, ARTGASM turns sexuality — a topic that is complex, multi-faceted, and difficult to discuss – into something beautiful and one-of-a-kind, tailored to each individual and their own, unique experiences.


    The first public launch of ARTGASM will be at CES 2018 with art contributed by anonymous volunteers for the show.

  • The Medium?

    Your body and the Lioness Vibrator

    Harness the unique biofeedback sensor technology of the Lioness Vibrator to create art from your pleasure.

  • How It Works

    You'll be an artist in no time!


    Use the Lioness

    Use the Lioness just like any normal vibrator.


    Tag your session

    Easily tag your favorite sessions with the Lioness App.


    See ARTGASM!

    See your experience as your own, unique work of art!

  • Lioness: Pleasure with a Purpose

    It's not only, well, pleasurable. Pleasure is also essential for our self-confidence, happy relationships, and even our health.


    But what works for one person may be radically different for someone else. Our sense of pleasure is as unique as we are, from foreplay to how we experience orgasms (if we have them). We haven't had many ways of exploring this—until now.


    Lioness is a women-led team who's brought together some of the brightest and most rebellious artists and engineers to create new ways of exploring your own unique sexuality.


  • The Artists and Technologists behind ARTGASM

    Liz Klinger started her career as an artist whose work has been featured in gallery shows and magazines in diverse settings from northern New Hampshire to Lower Manhattan. Discovering that she could use art as a means to spark conversations and encourage others to self-reflect and think positively about their own bodies, she found her way back to the arts after starting Lioness by visualizing information about oneself as a means of learning, exploring, and self-expression.


    Anna Lee was one of Amazon Lab126’s rising star engineers. She worked on the Kindle Voyage and was the lead design engineer for the first Amazon Dash Button. She wanted to use her engineering expertise to create a better world for women, starting with some of the most neglected products out there.


    James Wang was an investment associate at Bridgewater, the world’s largest and most successful hedge fund, and worked at Google X on the Makani team. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley, MS in CS from Georgia Tech, and did PhD coursework in AI with the field’s most famous professors during his MBA. He's been both Liz's partner and worked in women's empowerment nonprofits for nearly a decade, and has seen firsthand the power of removing taboos from a basic human need for half the population.

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