• What is ARTGASM?

    Lioness, a women-led leader in the sexual wellness category, is launching the Artgasm Gallery nationwide this October at Pleasure Chest. The Artgasm Gallery is a collection of artwork based on data visualizations from real masturbation experiences, anonymously submitted by individuals who own a Lioness Vibrator. It’s a new way to visualize, talk about, and celebrate the diversity of sexual pleasure.

  • Upcoming Shows

    Experience Artgasm in-person at Pleasure Chest


    October 11th-31st
    Launch Party: October 10th

    New York City

    October 12th-31st
    Launch Party: October 11th

    Los Angeles

    October 15th-31st
    Launch Party: October 14th


    “There’s something powerful about being able to bring together experiences of pleasure that were previously unspoken and difficult to talk about. People often get their sex education through pornography, so this is the perfect opportunity to show real experiences of sexual pleasure, submitted by people who want to share and celebrate those experiences.”


    — Anna Lee, Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Lioness

  • Anatomy Of An Artgasm

    • The pulsating circle represents the pelvic floor contractions—different people have different patterns that they’ve defined

    • The patterned lines moving around represent the amount of motion—more variance represents more movement, less is less movement).

    • The dots in the background represent the amount of vibration a person is using—more dots = more vibration, less is less, or none at all if there is no vibration.

  • “Sexual experiences are a lot like art — you can’t really say whether a Picasso painting or a Annie Leibovitz photograph is ‘better’ art. Similarly, you can’t really say whether one person’s pleasure experience is ‘better’ than another’s. There’s no one thing that makes a great experience, and what’s considered great varies widely from person to person.”


    — Liz Klinger, Co-founder and CEO at Lioness

  • Become An Artgasm Gallery Artist 🎨

    Participate in a pleasurable adventure unlike anything else!

    It's optional and anonymous (unless you don't want to be).


    Use Lioness

    Sensor feedback technology is packed into this strong but quiet, silicone vibrator that lets you literally see your arousal and orgasm, so you can mix up, enhance or just repeat your favorite ritual.


    If you don't want to share anything with the gallery (or ever), you can stop here. Enjoy your new Lioness in the privacy of your home!


    Tag "PleasureChest"

    If you want to submit a session to the gallery, tag your session "PleasureChest", plus any other tags you'd like to use if you'd like to identify your Artgasm in the gallery.


    Important: Any tags you use will be publicly displayed at the gallery with the session tagged as "PleasureChest". Rule of thumb: don't put anything you may not want your cool aunt to see.


    Visit The Gallery

    Visit your art in-person at one of the participating Artgasm Gallery locations.


    Your pleasure is now art, alongside other pleasure experiences contributed by individuals around the world!


    Get some fancy grape juice and clink some glasses. 🥂

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