• What is ARTGASM?

    Founded by artists and technologists, ARTGASM turns sexuality — a topic that is complex, multi-faceted, and difficult to discuss – into something beautiful and one-of-a-kind, tailored to each individual and their own, unique experiences.


    Inspired by the beauty and individuality of our bodies and pleasure, the women-led team behind the Lioness vibrator is using its unique biofeedback sensor technology to translate orgasm data into art.


    The artists themselves simply use the Lioness vibrator and let their bodies do the work.

  • Lioness: Pleasure with a Purpose

    It's not only, well, pleasurable. Pleasure is also essential for our self-confidence, happy relationships, and even our health.


    But what works for one person may be radically different for someone else. Our sense of pleasure is as unique as we are, from foreplay to how we experience orgasms (if we have them). We haven't had many ways of exploring this—until now.


    Lioness is a women-led team who's brought together some of the brightest and most rebellious artists and engineers to create new ways of exploring your own unique sexuality.


  • ARTGASM Exhibitions

    Visit ARTGASM installations around the San Francisco Bay Area to explore new aspects of sexuality and meet the team!

    ARTGASM at MeloMelo Kava

    Saturday, August 11th at 7pm at MeloMelo Kava Bar in Berkeley

    In this installation with MeloMelo Kava, we explore the effects that marijuana and kava have on just one person’s sexual response.

    ARTGASM at Urban Pharm Dispensary

    Friday, August 17th at 6pm at Urban Pharm Dispensary in San Francisco

    Join us for an evening at Urban Pharm where we explore how marijuana in various forms alters our experience of pleasure, along with guests Foria and Velvet Swing.

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  • The Medium?

    Your body and the Lioness Vibrator

    Harness the unique biofeedback sensor technology of the Lioness Vibrator to create art from your pleasure.

  • How It Works

    You'll be an artist in no time!


    Use the Lioness

    Use the Lioness just like any normal vibrator.


    Tag your session

    Easily tag your favorite sessions with the Lioness App.


    See ARTGASM!

    See your experience as your own, unique work of art!